Healthy and Festive Memorial Day Snacks

Holidays brings out the corniness in me.

I love to take the holiday and use that as inspiration for what we eat. And Memorial Day, well that is the perfect time to showcase red, white and blue. And at this time of the year, the gorgeous produce that are in season are the perfect go to for festive treats, while giving you a great dose of antioxidants.

So here are a few of the healthy snacks that we made to celebrate this weekend:

A Healthy treat. Photo courtesy of my little girl!

A Healthy treat. Photo courtesy of my little girl!

Now, aren’t these cute little skewers–they are made and photographed by my little girl. It was her brother’s last day of school yesterday and she had the choice to do anything she wanted with me. Do you know her request: to make something for Mommy’s blog and then to use my camera to take the pictures all by herself–melt my heart!  The sweet little thing cut the strawberries, banana and she even staged the banana and berries in the background!! She is definitely my new business partner :)

Whole Wheat Waffles served with sliced bananas, strawberries and blueberries (recipe to come soon!)

Red White and Blue Whole Wheat Waffles

Simple and healthy. So easy a five year old can make!  Yet these “treats” felt special enough to the kids that they felt they were being indulged (yes, with fruit!!) all because we took 5 extra minutes to make the fruit a bit more festive for the weekend. Sometimes, it is as simple as presentation to get your kids to eat their fruit and veggies.

These watermelon skewers are super cute aren’t they? And took 2 minutes to make! I took a star cookie cutter and cut 1 inch slices of watermelon with the cookie cutter. I have done this with flower, butterfly, car, etc cookie cutters–A cookie cutter is an indispensable cheap tool–secret weapon to making any food more appealing to kids!

Making watermelon festive using cookie cutters, ribbon, and skewers.

Making watermelon festive using cookie cutters, ribbon, and skewers.

I also made Red, White, and Blue Smoothies. As you can see from the picture , the colors are not that visible–however, the ingredients were red, white, and blue and the kids loved them–that is all that matters, right?! And for your sake, I included tips to keep the colors more separate :)

Red White and Blue Smoothie


To make 4 smoothies: I simply blended 1 cup fresh strawberries with 1 cup orange juice, poured that into 4 glasses. Then I took 1/2 cup coconut milk and blended with fresh banana and poured that on top of the strawberry smoothie, and finally blended 1 cup 100% blueberry juice with 1 cup blueberries. (It would have worked better to use frozen fruit instead of fresh–that would have made the smoothie thicker and less likely to float up!!)

As you eat these festive treats, remember the sacrifices that were made by our serviceman for our freedom! I am beyond grateful for their service and sacrifice!

Here are a few other healthy recipes for the holidays from some of my favorite sites:

Pineapple Bacon Burgers from How Sweet it is–what a genius idea to use a huge pineapple slice as a burger!! Great alternative to a grilling a burger and still keeping it real! (Um, yes, bacon is a REAL whole food–when you buy the non-processed nitrate free kind!!!)

Vegan Mixed Berry Parfait from My Whole Food Life

Skinny Taste’s 30 Light Memorial Day Recipes: Includes appetizers, main courses, and desserts

Eating Well’s Healthy Memorial Day Recipes


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    This is so cute, I love corny so this works for me. Holidays should be corny. It all looks great, but I am partial to the skewers and watermelon stars.


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