honey garlic

*Shrimp: You can use fresh or frozen shrimp and with or without tails. *Marinade: Honey, oil, lemon juice, garlic, paprika, salt, and cayenne.

Ingredients Needed

In a large bowl, whisk together the lemon juice, honey, olive oil, garlic, spices, and salt.


Remove ¼ cup from the marinade. Then add the shrimp to the remaining marinade and toss to coat. Cover the bowl and refrigerate for 15-60 minutes.


Remove the shrimp from the marinade and thread on skewers.


Grill shrimp until pink and opaque, about 2-3 minutes per side, brushing with reserved ¼ cup marinade while grilling.


Serve immediately with lemon wedges.


Made this last night and it was a hit! My kids usually don’t like shrimp. I keep trying new recipes in hopes to find one they like. This is the ONLY time they said they liked it and ate it all!! It’s a winner

--Reader Comment