Broccoli Salad


This Salad is made with fresh broccoli, apples, edamame, cranberries, and instead of a mayonnaise-based dressing it features a fresh orange vinaigrette.

Ingredients Needed

Cut a head of broccoli into bite-size pieces, using only the florets.


Segment 2 oranges for the salad.  Juice 2 oranges and whisk the juice with vinegar, honey, garlic, salt, and olive oil for the dressing and set aside.


Toss together the broccoli, apples, orange segments, onions, cranberries, and edamame in a large bowl . Drizzle with dressing. and toss to coat.


Refrigerate for two hours for the flavors to develop. Right before serving add toasted sunflower seeds for crunch. 


Yum!! I love all the crunchy ingredients in this recipe! One of my favorite ways to enjoy broccoli. Thanks for the recipe!

--Reader Comment