healthy carrot

Cake Muffins

These Carrot Cake Muffins are naturally sweetened and made with 100% whole wheat flour, yet bake up to be fluffy, moist, and full of flavor.

what you need:

• whole wheat flour • baking soda • salt • ground cinnamon • grated nutmeg • ground ginger • grated carrots • raisins • chopped walnuts • melted coconut oil • honey • vanilla • egg • unsweetened applesauce • crushed pineapple

Mix together the dry ingredients. Add in the carrots, raisins, and nuts then toss to coat.

step 1

Whisk together the wet ingredients separately, then add to the flour mixture.

step 2

Fill the prepared muffin tin with the batter, then bake and let cool.

step 3


"I am always looking for healthier baked goods recipes and this one is a winner! These muffins are so tasty and easy to make. My kids love them!"

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