Instant Pot

Beans & rice

Made with brown rice, dried beans, and a perfect combination of seasonings this Instant Pot Rice and Beans recipe uses simple ingredients to make an easy, flavorful dish.

what you need:

• olive oil • onion • bell pepper • minced garlic • long-grain brown rice • dried small red  beans • Vegetable broth • water • sEasonings of Choice • Salsa

Sauté onions and peppers in Instant Pot. Deglaze with water.

step 1

Add remaining water, broth, rinsed beans, and rice.

step 2

Pressure cook as directed. Once cooked, add seasonings and salsa and fluff with a fork.

step 1

"Oh my gosh is this recipe delicious!! We just got done eating it. We started by putting it in tortillas but it was so delicious that we ended up eating it was forks. "


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