Instant Pot


Made in one pan.

Ready in 25 minutes.

Full of flavor.

noodle absorb the sauce.

Picky-eater approved.

Why You Need This Recipe






Turn the instant pot to saute and let heat. Add in ground beef and a minced onion and saute unil the meat is browned. 


Remove the meat and set aside. Add in 1/4 cup of stock and scrape up browned bits.  Criss-cross noodles in layers and add additional stock.


Layer meat and sauce on top of noodles and close and seal inner pot. 


Pressure cook for 5 minutes and then let pressure release for 5 minutes. Toss pasta with sauce.


Serve with  Parmesan cheese.


"Being able to have dinner ready so quickly has been a life saver for me. This spaghetti is the best thing to ever happen"

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