fresh or frozen

Instant Pot Chicken Breast

--Works for frozen or fresh chicken

--Can be served shredded or sliced

--Full of flavor

--Super Tender--not dry or tough!

Over 150  5-Star Ratings

The BEST Method


Place chicken in inner pot and season with salt and minced garlic.  Add pineapple juice or stock to inner pot. 


Alternatively, add in FROZEN chicken breasts, garlic, salt, and pineapple juice to inner pot. Just be sure chicken isn't frozen together.


Pressure cook on high using time chart based on size of chicken breasts. Add 4 minutes for frozen chicken.


Slice or shred the chicken to use as desired. 


 My favorite tip is to use a hand held mixer to shred the chicken with ease.

I have always been so scared of chicken breasts in my instant pot, but not anymore, I made perfect shredded chicken in less 30 minutes. I'll never do it another way again! Thank you!

--Reader Review