Easy Baked Vegetable

Egg Rolls

Baked Egg Rolls are crispy and crunchy--just like deep-fried, just much lower in fat and calories! Packed full of sauteed vegetables, this recipe for Egg Rolls allows you to enjoy a healthier spin on an Asian favorite.

what you need:

• OIl • broccoli slaw • edamame • green onions • grated ginger • garlic • soy sauce • rice wine vinegar • egg roll wrappers • cooking spray

Saute the vegetables with the aromatics and soy sauce.

step 1

Assemble the egg rolls next, folding them like an envelope.

step 2

Finally, bake the egg rolls and serve.

step 3

"These ARE super easy to make! And so tasty too! These were perfect for an afternoon snack!"


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