Granola Bars

Simple, wholesome ingredients come together to create this soft and chewy, healthy homemade granola bar.

what you need:

• pitted dates • maple syrup or honey • coconut oil • peanut butter or sunflower  butter or almond butter • vanilla extract • sea salt • rolled oats • optional add ins chopped nut, raisins, mini chocolate chips, dried fruit, sesame seeds, chia seeds, etc

Start by soaking the dates.

step 1

Process the softened dates into a thick paste. Add in the honey/maple syrup, coconut oil, nut butter, vanilla, and salt. Pulse until creamy. Add in the oats and pulse.

step 2

Stir in your choice of mix-ins. Place the mixture into the prepared pan and spread it out. Let it chill before slicing into bars.

step 3

"My kids eat granola bars like there is no tomorrow! This will be fun to have them make them with me & of course, we like to add chocolate chips! These are perfect!"


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