chicken & Rice


Crockpot Chicken and Rice is an easy, all-in-one slow cooker dinner featuring crispy chicken thighs and perfectly seasoned rice.

what you need:

• Chicken Thighs • Italian seasoning • garlic • Lemon • Thyme • bay leaves • chicken stock • rice

Sear the chicken thighs until the skin is golden.

step 1

Combine the chicken stock, rice, and seasonings in slow cooker.

step 2

Nestle the chicken on top of the rice mixture.

step 3

Cook on high until rice is tender and chicken cooked through.

step 4

"This is an amazing dish. So easy and never fails. I’ve cooked it several times. It’s best when the thighs are seared but still fine if you don’t have time for that. Thank you!"


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