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Chicken Chili

This recipe for Instant Pot Taco Chicken Chili is made with chicken, beans, and Tex-Mex seasonings. It cooks up in record time and can be prepared with fresh or frozen chicken.

what you need:

• low-sodium chicken stock • light lager beer • frozen corn • pinto beans • taco seasoning • minced garlic • diced tomatoes • diced tomatoes with green chiles • chicken breasts • lime juice

Combine the chicken stock, beer, corn, beans, taco seasoning, and minced garlic, then mix. Pour the tomatoes on top, then nestle the chicken into the liquid. Pressure cook.

step 1

Remove the chicken and shred it.

step 2

Stir the chicken back into the pot. Squeeze lime juice into the chili and stir again. Serve.

step 3


"I’m in love! Tasted great and so easy to make. I used one can of black beans and one can of chick peas and I included one green pepper, other then that I followed your directions. Can’t wait to have the left overs tonight. Keep those InstantPot recipes coming."

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