Super juicy and fall-apart tender, this Instant Pot BBQ Pulled Pork is seriously a crowd favorite. Made with a homemade rub and a delicious braising liquid, this recipe is the perfect way to enjoy Pulled Pork year round effortlessly.

what you need:

• Pork Roast • Salt • Paprika • Onion Powder • Garlic Powder • Pepper • Chili Powder • Apple Juice • Liquid Smoke • Barbecue Sauce

Cut pork roast. Combine rub mixture ingredients and rub it over the cubed pork.

step 1

Add pork to the Instant Pot, along with apple juice and liquid smoke.

step 2

Cook. Shred pork, and top with your favorite BBQ sauce.

step 3


"Excellent! Made exactly as per recipe except used the Apple Cider I had on hand for apple juice. Flavorful and tender. Liquid smoke definitely added the perfect touch."

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