Instant Pot

Stuffed Peppers

Made with tender peppers filled with rice, meat, and a savory tomato sauce, this easy recipe for INSTANT POT STUFFED PEPPERS delivers comfort fast!

what you need:

• bell peppers • cooked rice • lean ground beef or  turkey or chicken • low-sodium tomato   sauce • garlic powder • onion powder • ground pepper • salt • paprika • low-sodium   Worcestershire sauce • egg

Combine cooked rice, meat, egg, tomato sauce, and seasonings together in large mixing bowl.

step 1

Stuff hollowed out bell peppers with the meat and rice mixture.

step 2

Place the assembled peppers on a rack over water. Top with tomato sauce and pressure cook.

step 3

"I liked this recipe for the wonderful flavor, and that there wasn't an endless list of ingredients, and the simplicity of cooking it in the Instant Pot!"


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