Lettuce Wraps

Made with crispy tofu, mushrooms, and a flavorful sauce, these COPYCAT Lettuce Wraps are absolutely delicious!

what you need:

• dried shiitake mushrooms • Sweet Chili sauce • reduced-sodium soy sauce • rice vinegar • minced garlic • grated ginger • sesame oil • firm tofu • water chestnuts • onion • lettuce leaves • Chow Mein NOODLES

Drain off excess liquid from the tofu. Then, chop the tofu into chunks or crumble it into small pieces.

step 1

Meanwhile, soak the dried mushrooms in hot water and mix together the sauce.

step 2

Saute the tofu with  mushrooms, water chestnuts, and sauce.

step 3

Spoon the mixture into individual lettuce leaves, then top with sliced green onions, chow mein noodles, and hot sauce.

step 4

"So tasty! I didn't even miss the meat. Thanks for sharing!"


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