skillet lasagna

Enjoy the classic flavors of Lasagna without the effort! This Skillet Lasagna recipe delivers a cozy, hearty, cheesY Pasta Dinner with minimal prep-work!

what you need:

• Italian sausage • GROUND BEEF • LASAGNA NOODLES ITALIAN SEASONING • Spaghetti Sauce • ONION • SEASONINGS • Mozzarella Cheese • Parmesan Cheese • RICOTTA CHEESE

Brown the sausage and beef with the onions and seasonings.

step 1

Add the sausage, water and noodles to the skillet and simmer until noodles soften.

step 2

Dollop with ricotta cheese.

step 3

Top with mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese and let melt.

step 4

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