Buffalo Chicken


Buffalo seasoned potatoes and chicken are baked together with cheese and bacon for a hearty, flavorful casserole.

what you need:

• russet potatoes • chicken breasts • canola oil • Frank's Red Hot Sauce • garlic powder • onion powder • chili powder • salt • bacon • cheddar cheese • chives

Mix together the potatoes with oil and seasonings, then bake.

step 1

 Meanwhile, place the cubed chicken into the remaining seasoning from the potatoes. Add some hot sauce and toss to coat.

step 2

Top the potatoes with chicken, cheese, and bacon. Bake and serve.

step 3

"This recipe did well at my house full of picky eaters. I am happy to report that it's going into our regular rotation!! Thank you so much for coming up with and taking the time to share this recipe and so many others! ❤❤"


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