Crockpot bbq

Chicken Legs

Chicken legs are slow-cooked in a simple spice rub and finished with barbecue sauce, for a simple, inexpensive meal.

what you need:

• chicken drumsticks • barbecue sauce For The Rub: • brown sugar • smoked paprika • kosher salt • onion powder • garlic powder • black pepper

 Mix together the spices and rub over the chicken legs to coat.

step 1

Place the seasoned chicken legs into the crockpot and cook.

step 2

Remove the cooked chicken legs and transfer them onto a sheet pan or broiler pan. Brush with barbecue sauce and broil per side. Serve and enjoy!

step 3


"This is so perfect and and very flavorful! Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing recipe! Will surely make this again! Well done!"

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