instant pot

Mississippi Pot Roast

Made with pepperoncini peppers homemade seasonings, Mississippi Pot Roast is an Easy recipe for tender, flavorful pot roast. 

what you need:

• Chuck Roast • Beef Broth • Pepperoncini Peppers • Ranch Seasoning bLEND • Italian Spice Blend • BUTTER

cut the roast into large chunks and season with salt and pepper. Using the sauté function, sear the beef until golden on each side.

step 1

Add beef broth, seared beef, pepperoncini peppers to inner pot. Dollop with butter.

step 2

Pressure cook on high pressure with a full natural pressure release.

step 3

Shred the beef and stir back into the inner pot with the cooking juices.

step 2

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