quick and easy

Turkey Wrap

Deli turkey, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and bacon are wrapped up in a tortilla for a quick and flavorful turkey wrap that is perfect for lunches.

what you need:

• tortillas • avocado • mayonnaise • kosher salt • fresh lime juice • lettuce leaves • deli turkey meat • cooked bacon • tomato

Mash together the avocado with mayonnaise, salt, and lime juice. Then, spread over the tortilla. Layer the turkey, sliced cheese, bacon, and tomatoes.

step 1

Now, wrap up the turkey.

step 2

Cut the turkey wrap in half or into pinwheels.

step 3

"I could eat this for lunch every day! The avocado and bacon take it over the top...like you would get if you got it at a restaurant! Thanks for sharing!"


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